Exactly like the word says. A bitch so perfect in every way that under a "rating", she would be given 5 stars. A checklist as follows:
-LOOKS (ex. cute smile, killer body, & pretty face.)
-PERSONALITY (ex. assertive but kind-hearted & fun loving.)
-TALENT (ex. creative in the bed, workplace, & family life.)
-GOALS (ex. reasonable hopes and desires that put good skills to good use.)
-INTELLIGENCE (ex. has an average IQ of 100 and knows proper grammar.)
Megan Fox would be a 5 star bitch minus the toe thumbs and so would Tyra Banks minus the forehead.
by 5$taRbxtCh November 30, 2009
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a group of girls that are all "five-star" in rating, good looking, intelligent and fun to be around. You want to be one of these fine ladies, but its nearly impossible to become one. Very rare and unique, these females choose each other over men.
Damn, Lauren, Alli, Amy, Katie, and Ashlee are definitely 5 Star Bitches... I wish I could be one of them.
by Princess5star June 4, 2010
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