1. A subway sandwich. Quite good if you put the right stuff on it.

2. A bad advertisement for a male slut.
Sally: I got a great 5 dollar foot long from subway the other day!
Tanner: What was on it?
Sally: Mayo. Cheese. Turkey. Lettuce. Oil. Diabetes

Patricia: I heard about the 5 dollar foot longs. I'm really horny tonight.
Clerk: Well ok ma'am, you'll be with Jaime
Jaime: Sup girrrrl. I heard you want my 5 dollar foot long.
Patricia: HELL YEAH!
by JaimeLongDick December 22, 2013
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a really big penis, dick, cock...
Tom: "So I was with Amanda last night and we were about to fuck, I pull out my dick and the bitch stared at me while gaping at my 5 dollar footlong"
by 5 $$$ footlong May 27, 2008
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