A useless site where people post links to content for the sole purpose of mocking the creators of said content.
Some of my videos sadly ended up on some 4chan board, netting me hundreds of views from mean-spirited social rejects.
by Downvoting Victim June 20, 2016
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Hi! Stay quiet. I’m scared of them. They have powers beyond our understanding. If they find you, they can hack you. Blackmail you. Find you. Give you bad publicity. Oh shit. One’s here. Don’t fuck with the frogs man. Don’t let them find me. I’d suggest this:
Don’t give your opinion.
Don’t defend Tumblr.
Keep your Firewall up.
And for the love of God.
Don’t promise nudes.
Just give in. Be afraid. 4chan will find you.
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by Yaboilew April 24, 2020
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