A miracle to hit HCG searchers I was able to download a lot of HCGs without getting spammed or outwared also there are no ads but the sad news is that they are running outta funds so support 4chan by donating
4chan the source of all good and rare hentai in there
by Derek June 02, 2004
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the absolute heart and soul of the internet. all memes come from here, and it is often a nice community where friendly conversation and debate occurs. on the other hand, there's also much hatred, trolling, and child pornography. many internet subcultures and trends evolved from this website such as rage comics, anonymous, and every other imageboard.

created by Christopher Poole (aka Moot) in an attempt to emulate the japanese futaba channel aka 2chan

A: Have you ever been to 4chan man?
B: Yeah It's fucking sick
A: hey C, have you been to 4chan before
C: that's my homepage man.
by 12345684787i0hf9egf9wfge April 27, 2012
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The most cultured place on the internet

and no, that's not a good thing.
I went on 4chan /b/ to find greentexts and instead I found homophobes, pedophiles, and incels. What the hell is this website?
via giphy
by BeatleBoyThicc March 03, 2019
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An online community predominantly made up of insecure men. Treating the website as a form of therapy and support group, users come together to berate, dehumanize, and sexualize women who have accomplished more than them; see incel, MRA
(Posting on 4chan concerning a professional cosplayer's flawless Kerrigan, commissioned by Blizzard)
"Some cosplayer SHE is; the spots on her chest piece aren't the right shade of brown. She's nothing but a fat, ugly whore! I'd still stick it, tho." -Gamergate Supporter... that's never cosplayed
by ProvokedCashew January 18, 2018
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A useless site where people post links to content for the sole purpose of mocking the creators of said content.
Some of my videos sadly ended up on some 4chan board, netting me hundreds of views from mean-spirited social rejects.
by Downvoting Victim June 20, 2016
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