A website few people understand.
In a world where even music has cheapened and obviated the concept of irony, 4chan still practices it. It's often hard for even experienced users to tell the difference between their peers and people too new to the website or too retarded to understand it.

You will not understand 4chan AT ALL until you have been there daily for at least two years.

If you go there the first time, leave, and make a post about it on UrbanDictionary saying how immature and awful it is, you have been greatly trolled and deserve to die for your gullibility. While people claiming to be 'oldfags' hate 'newfags', true 'oldfags' appreciate them as the newer and more naive the general crowd, the better camouflage they make for the TRUE Anonymous users.

That said, there is a lot of unjustifiable on 4chan, because the whole point of chan anonymity is for not everyone in the community to be of the same mold. That is what makes it shocking and/or retarded, but also what tends to make it amazingly clever in a way no one who hasn't lurked for years picking up the nuances can understand.

Also, newfags think it is an army or a political movement, it isn't...it's a somewhat ill-concieved attempt at an extradimensional reconstruction of human thought.

Also, it isn't your personal army unless you are good at social engineering, in which case you can trick new members and the weak-minded into doing your bidding.
When I first visited 4chan I was disgusted and confused, but intrigued by its liveliness and manipulability. I LURKED MOAR, and came to understand it. I despise a lot of the content and think a lot of the ideas prevalent there are retarded to say the least, but it does have truly unlimited potential...

...or at least it would if Moot made it current and got rid of the new captchas -_-
by Mr. Jihgfed AKA David D. August 21, 2010
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the largest imageboard to date that has led to internet fads on various sites
hey greg did u see that pic of the hot naked teacher on the 4chan forums
by toxicgef October 21, 2007
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Thee breeding ground for internet trolls and perverts. Using an anime imageboard as their platform, both normal and extraordinary people circlejerk and troll one another relentlessly when discussing and criticising within a variety of topics.
Anon-in-rl#1:Have you been to 4chan?
Anon-in-rl#2:Yes, you too?
Anon-in-rl#1:No, but thank you for warning me.
Anon-in-rl#2: No problem.
by FFe October 27, 2014
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A message board on the Internet where anime fans from all the world over congregate to post pictures.
4chan is the coolest thing since 2chan.
by Menchi February 06, 2004
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Where Chuck Norris forsook his wisdom. Where Monty Python denied their genius. Where the ancient Flame Warriors sealed the great evil Stupidity. This monster eventually escaped by its soul resides there still. It is a testament to the eventual downfall of Mankind. Only when the almighty Banstick awakens (And maybe if Microsoft takes over the internet) will it be slain. Should Rosie O' Donald ever be allowed to merge with 4chan, not even Chuck Norris can bring her down on his own.
Hell would have made 4chan a business if Rosie O' Donnell wasnt trying to claim the Twinky of Delicious Hate.
by Stuffs! May 23, 2007
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