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the baddest boys out there doing bad tings. many live in fear of these legends being true and not just myths. however some see these men as heroes of the people because 2 bad tings can make one good ting mathematically speaking
hide your animals the 4 oclockers are here
by spicy mayo January 03, 2018
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A handicap person. Represented by the wheelchair symbol where the head is the minute hand and the legs are the hour hand. 4 o'clock.
I'm going 10 mph under the limit cause I'm followin' a 4 o'clocker.
by kantmakm May 19, 2004
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The "Business Analyst" that slips out the door 2 hours early.
I've got an advanced degree in Business Administration, and you don't pay me enough to take this job seriously. So F-you, I'm going to play tennis, i'm a 4 o'clocker on this job.
by kantmakn August 30, 2005
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