4 april AKA do bad things, cuz you only live one time
Hey, it's 4 April. Let's do sum drugs
by xhasdfghjk March 30, 2021
The best bday you could have
I want my child to be born on April 4
by savannahjadax June 2, 2017
The day that a queen was born.
All the queens are born in April❤️ They are al beautiful but the ones that are born in april 4 they are cute amazing and simply perfect.
by Cuttiegirl June 15, 2020
A day that is happy when you were born on a day that is joy full and fun the day your mom started to live you
Hey it April 4 happy birthday
by Yeah that’s awesome October 1, 2019
April 4 is a day some awesome people are born and they live by their sign (Aries)
Karen- she must be an April 4th baby because she it just like her sign and amazing
by April 4 October 27, 2019
The day the baddest bitch in the world is was born
It April 4
by Badbitch111111 November 6, 2019