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Porn that is filmed in 3D and viewed with a pair of glasses with one lense red and the other blue that makes it look like you are seeing it in 3D and the actors are really right in front of you fucking ect.
You want a see some 3D porn?
by Deep blue 2012 July 26, 2010
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1: Porn thats like avatar in the sense that its 3-D and shit.

2: Porn that you can watch were its actually you're going to get came on the face, or poked in the face, or you can smell the girls stinkyspeedway.
1: Josh: Wow dude! That dude just came all over my chin!

Wyatt: This 3-D porn is awesome! Its almost like im in her stinkyspeedway!

2: Dude! This 3-D porn is crazy! Its like that guys dick was poking me in the face!

3: Its 3-D and shit.
by DickmastaJ May 20, 2010
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