Originating Down south ,this term refers to someone being pissed off to the point of pulling out a gun.
(38 Referring to a popular hand gun easily obtained at the local pawn shops)
"Man! I was 38 hot about that bitch scratchin up my car!"
by Skinny Slimm April 09, 2006
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Extremely mad, pissed, steamed, aggravated, annoyed.
" She plays to much I was getting 38 hot ! "
by zh08 December 08, 2013
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being pissed off, hot. i.e. Hot as a stolen 38
When Brad walked in on us, he was 38 hot.
by Sarcoise September 04, 2006
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38° celcius = 100.4° fahrenheit. MEDICALLY a 'fever.' (Temperature rising higher than normal)
When that bitch lied on me, I was 38 hot! Temperature Fever pissed angry
by HuneyBFly December 28, 2015
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