people who are born on 30 November have a tendency to be the best people. beside being super cute and smart they’re still so humble.
Person1: what does it feel like to be the best?
Person2: being born on 30 November
by qyurryus October 15, 2019
Guy: Hey dude, what day is it?
Guy 2: 30 November, why?
by DemoManiac November 28, 2020
November 30 is the day when u can say any bad words without getting in trouble
Hey bi**h

Hey that’s rude I’m telling

Tattle tale anyways I won’t get in trouble cause it s November 30th which means u can say bad words without getting in trouble
by Hi I am someone November 6, 2019
The best day of the year. People born on this day are said to be superior to those around them.
Wow, she was born on november 30. She must be super awesome!
by Duchrine October 14, 2019
November 30 steal a hoodie from someone you like. From your crush, girlfriend or boyfriend see how long you can wear it without them noticing!
Guy 1: dang my hoodie is gone! Guy 2: isn’t she wearing it over there? Guy 1: *gasps* Oh right, because it’s November 30th
by Sportlover8 November 24, 2019
A day we’re you give your girlfriend your hoodie
Omg I like this hoodie,well it is November 30 so take it
by Hanna dulie November 29, 2019
Love your girlfriend so much that she feels loved and appreciated and wanted day. ( p.s this is for u Maddy )
Me: Hey babe, guess what day it is?
Her: November 30th? Why?
Me: * embraces and screams compliments at her *
by backcrunchies November 20, 2019