day of the amazing people like they are so cool because they were born here
on 29 December lots of amazing people were born
by nicolopeka November 30, 2019
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A day for people to have a good time and if you are born on this day you are a kind, loving, beautiful, caring person.
Babe, your lucky. Your birthday is on the best day of the year, December 29th.
by Iloveyou❤️❤️❤️ October 15, 2019
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Only the hottest of the hottest are born on this day. People born on december 29 are some of the funniest people and also the kindest. But don't let that kindness fool you because if you do them wrong they wont have any problem clapping back. Its called being a good savage :)
Omg did you see her? She's so fucking hot and fierce. Yeah dude, she must be born on december 29.
by bebos October 15, 2019
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If you were born on December 29 your drop dead gorgeous . You have the sexiest body an most want you but don’t want to admit it . You eat a lot but stay skinny and fit with ur perfect body . Any person born on this day is the best person you will ever meet so don’t lose her
The sexy hot girl born on December 29 is coming quick look cool
by John welborn October 24, 2019
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People who are born on this day don’t have it easy, they’re born in between two holidays and are often forgotten about.
Aw man that really sucks, he was born on December 29”
by UrbanDictionary1212 October 14, 2019
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National force your best friend to ask out their crush day
Me: guess what day it is!
Bsf: what

Me: December 29 which means u have to ask out your crush
Bsf: fine whatever
by y die mad December 28, 2020
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