The day my lovely significant other was born. They are a blessing to this world:3
-omg its 25 June!!
-yup, its my baby's birthday:3!
by vvvyour mom November 23, 2021
What are doing on 25 of June?
Am getting my dick sucked while eating some pineapple pizza
by Kolokasi June 24, 2021
The day when the real god was born.
do you know what day it is (June 25)

its gods real birthday
by nintendo63hd12 October 23, 2019
national look-at-everyone-and-tell-them-idk-i-just-work-here day
someone: it's june 25th
Me: oh shoot, ahem "idk i just work here"
by Q. Tass June 25, 2020
The day when King of Pop: Michael Jackson died on June 25 2009 and will be remembered by those who loved him and his music
June 25 is the day when Michael Jackson died in 2009
by thrillerxjackson October 31, 2019