A term used in the early 20th Century for "get lost."
Bums would sleep around 23rd St and when the cops came along they would hit them with their billy clubs and say "23 skidoo."
My grandfather was a cop down there around 1920 and told me how this term came about.
Hey buddy, 23 skidoo.
by Ken Kantro March 31, 2007
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To leave quickly:

I heard it came from the cops in the early 20th Century-probably the 1920s-chasing the hookers off of 23rd Street in New York City and not catching them, thus the hookers gave the cops the "23 skidoo."
Here comes the cops lets 23 skidoo!!!

That bitch gave me the 23 skidoo!!!!

We better 23 skidoo!

They gave me the ol' 23 skidoo!!

She tried to give me the ol' 23 skidoo but I caught her!
by thedzone September 22, 2009
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It's when you have to scadaddle in big hurry
I hated the party so I pulled a 23 skidoo
by Jeanniegirl January 31, 2022
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Archaic, early 20th century reference to Flatiron Building at the intersection of 23rd. Street , Fifth Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan NY.
The north facing corner of the triangular Flatiron Bldg. caused flapper skirts to blow upward as wind gusts were sheared at the north facing corner facade revealing , rather indelicately their undergarments...girls in the know , knew “at Twenty-third Street, hold down your hems and SKIDOO‼️(perhaps this gave rise to the vagrant loitering noted in other entries❓)
Girls in the know knew..... “at Broadway -Fifth & Flatiron , hold down your skirt hems, 23 SKIDOO‼️“
by Blacjacqueshellac April 19, 2019
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23 skidoo (circa 1920s CE) symbolizes an iconoclasm of a biblical proportion; when the etiquette of forcing oneself to stay in an uncomfortable situation could merely be discarded by uttering the phrase, "23 skidoo."

Evidence of the 23 skidoo has long been lost and only skilled historians have managed to keep its intellect savvy.
Angry black man at a baby shower, I guess: "Fuck this shit. I'm 23 skidoo-ing this piece, bitch."

Criminal about to be executed: "23 skidoo!"
Executioner person: "Shit. I guess we'll have to let the rapist/murderer free on the account of his supreme 23 skidoo."

George Bush, 2003: "23 skidoo."
World: "I guess we'll have to continue acting like blubbering idiots at such well-spoken doctrine and reelect this shithead."
by sux0r April 30, 2006
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23 skidoo is code for "let's go smoke (weed)." Its double-meaning for "let's get out of here" makes it subtle enough for the non-participating members of the group. 23 was Michael Jordan's jersey number -- MJ for marijuana.
Other people: Blahblah blahblahboringblah.
Smoker: Well, we gotta 23 skidoo!
by lahlahlovely July 21, 2009
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A nonsense phrase used in the 20s. See 28 Skidoo. Usually a positive thing.
"23 Skiddoo!" said the flapper as she checked out the guy in the zoot suit.
by Athene Airheart March 16, 2004
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