Whenever a person from the military dies, a group of seven soldiers fire off three shots each. 7 times 3 equals 21, thus the name 21 gun salute.
In order to honor Captain Robert Jordan, some soldiers from the Navy fired a 21 gun salute.
by Evan Milberg August 29, 2006
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According to the first guest star of Cops, Season 26, Episode 5, I believe "21 gun salute" can roughly translate to "death to all pigs!"
"21 Gun Salute yo! You don't like that, do ya? 21 Gun Salute! You know what it means!"
by JaeJ_6 September 04, 2015
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When a girl runs through a gauntlet of 20 guys trying to cum on her, only to get it up her nose by the last guy who is standing at the end of the gauntlet.
I saw Mary the other day, she had a shirt that said 'I Survived the 21 Gun Salute.'
by Marty McSandyselfson May 19, 2006
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An attempted shit where one makes loud intense farts, but no actual crap comes out.
I wish I could deuce, but all I've been doing in the bathroom is a 21 gun salute shit.
by BS Man February 21, 2006
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When you and 20 other blokes drop their daks and show their cocks to the incumbent president. No-homo.
A Trump's farewell, I saw a lineup of 21 guys drop their daks and flop their cocks, giving Trump's 21 gun salute.
by de-pube January 20, 2021
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The innate desire after dropping a turd of some substance to stand up and watch it pass as you flush - to admire it and pay your last respects as it were.
After stretching my sphincter to its Matrix-like limits, I had to given that turdzilla a proper 21 gun toilet salute.
by Lovell from UT September 21, 2010
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