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Kids who will spend a majority of their childhood in the 2020s. These are kids born from 2012-2021. They're the class of 2030-2039. Then anyone born after them will be a 2030s kid.
My cousin Bobby was born in 2012. And he's a hybrid 2010s/2020s kid, but mostly a 2020s kid. Man, I feel old.
by RealJason February 14, 2018
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The future decade generation. anyone born from 2015-2024 are 20s kids after that they are 2030s kids!! They are expected to have a futuristic and newer childhood, and will unfortunately never experience all the awesome things that happened before their lifetime.
Person: Damn, all the babies being born right now are going to be 2020s kids!!!!

Friend: Holy shit man, you're right. I fee bad for them, bro.
by appleheadssoldier September 23, 2017
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