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Founded at Lafayette College, the object of the event is for every participant to finish their full beer, socially, in two minutes. This is a social event that encourages large groups of people to continually drink more beer at different intervals of the night. The game is started by loudly announcing "TWOO MINUTESSS!" at the appropriate time in a party. Those who know about two minutes then echo the cheer and all proceed to grab a beer and gather outside the party. A proper announcement of the group size (males and females), along with the number of beers in the group, and the time (two minutes) will be announced and the event will commence with one person keeping time.

Remember: It's social.
-Do you think its time for a "2-minute social beer chug"?
- YEP! Twoooo minutessssssss!!!
by Bieber08 November 10, 2011
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