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To assert his power over his residents, said Resident Assistant will lock the hall kitchen for no reason.

1. A kitchen that is off-limits, unless you are in power, or a vagina talking to the man in power.

2. A room that gets locked for no reason

3. A wrongful exploitation of someone with inferior authority.
(n) 1.

Authority: (To girls trying to enter the kitchen) Sorry girls, but that room is locked to all.

Girls: Can we PLEASE use it!?!? We both have vaginas and will talk to you if you let us!

Authority: You shoulda said that from the start!!

(v) 2.

Man: So I accidentally 1st West Gelston Kitchenette'd my dorm room last night, since the girl i brought back was prude and didn't put out...

(v) 3.

Brother 1: Dude... I don't want to do the dishes.... brother 2.... do them for me, or i'll beat you!

Brother 2: MOM!! Brother 1 is trying to 1st West Gelston Kitchenette me into doing his chores!
by 1st West Gelston Resident February 16, 2010
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