Age of majority in all countries except for the United States thanks to their stupid laws regarding drinking age and the age requirement for getting a hotel and renting a car.
In the United States you have to be 21 to do nearly everything...that gotta suck! Why can't I make my own decisions at 18? This is why I am going across the border to CANADA for spring break!
by NHRHS2010 June 15, 2011
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Flinch's true lover, and Etherealprince's cousin, she actually has no legs.
"Haha, you're touching my bum, you 18!"
by GORTEX November 10, 2003
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The age when you can finally get the hell out of your cage
Me: dude I can't wait to turn 18 and move out of this hell hole
by Spacex December 12, 2020
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Oskar 18 (Balding): Hello young whippersnapper!
Karl 17: Go away old man! You are desgustang, and should go to a retirementhome.
by xXx1337🍅360xXx June 12, 2019
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When your free trail of living has expired
You are now 18 and have to pay, to get full access to the game
by ThickRickDick December 22, 2020
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