The legal minimal age at wich a girl (or boy for the sick fags out there) to be fucked or shone on porn sites.
girl: Lets Fuck!!!!
boy: Are you old enough?
girl: Ya! I just turned 18 yesterday!
-------------------1 WEEK LATER-----------------------------
girl: FUCK!!!!!!
boy: what happened?
girl : I'M PREGNANT!!!!
--------------boy moves to Alaska-------------------------
by kirill2525 July 27, 2009
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the best age of a friend so they can buy u ciggarettes when your too young
i wish i had more friends that are over 18 so i could have more ciggarettes
by gfjdhgjhg September 10, 2006
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The age where you can legally fuck, smoke, gamble, buy porn, and be tried as an adult.
I fucked, smoked, gambled, and bought porn before and I'm only 17 now. Also I've been sent to jail because I broke the age of consent, while high and with porno around the room (the irony is overwhelming, yes), and someone fucked with my birth certificate when I was in court so I was sent to prison, not juvie, at 16 years of age, not 18+ years of age. True story.
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The age life truly begins at
Woohoo im 18! Now I can finally go out and get me some porno videos and a pack of cigarettes!
by Zero May 20, 2004
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The age when you can fuck a girl and not get jail time.
I can't screw her yet. She's not 18, so I might get jail time.
by M.C. Shithead April 21, 2005
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Age of majority in all countries except for the United States thanks to their stupid laws regarding drinking age and the age requirement for getting a hotel and renting a car.
In the United States you have to be 21 to do nearly everything...that gotta suck! Why can't I make my own decisions at 18? This is why I am going across the border to CANADA for spring break!
by NHRHS2010 June 15, 2011
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