National slap a bitch day. Anyone born on this day gets to slap or get slapped by a bitch.
Is it the 18 February ? it is, I’m gunna slap you”
by Bitchimaslapyou August 19, 2020
BOYS CAN'T SAY NO! The girls can tell the boys what to do and the boys definitely say no
"It's 18 February 2022 and the boys can't say no"
by useridgafboutjail February 17, 2022
The day that legends and people with a true warrior heart are born. A day of heroes and adventurers.
Wow, he's a real hero.

He's probably born on February 18
by FlamesOfCreation December 30, 2020
Throw a seagull at your smartest friend day.
“Today is February 18th! Time to throw a seagull at Jordan!”
by fuitgummi March 20, 2020
most caring yet independent people were born on this day, February 18th. Also fun fact, it's dr.dre's Birthday too :D
by Hae_678 November 8, 2019
Hey dad?
Dad: what?
Can we go to the park?
Dad: no

But it’s February 18th
by Destiny Clark Denice December 2, 2020
It is my cats Bar mitzvah if you have any thing going on cancel it because this is important
Last call to reserve a spot at my cats Bar mitzvah it’s February 18 and it is starting at 10:00pm
by Mason9b November 13, 2020