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A 16 Year Old Boy is well......a 16 year old male member (no pun intended) of the homo sapiens race which is more commonly referred to as human beings. By now the 16 year old boy will have finally achieved his first ejaculation. One thing that sets 16 year old boys apart from 15 year old boys is that they are now completely devoid of empathy or remorse. They often engage in mindless hedonistic activities such as jacking off at least 6 times a day, drinking, partying, having sex and even doing drugs. By now there will be no such thing as a party that doesn’t involve getting shit-hammered on alcohol or some other federally controlled substance. Sad, isn’t it? 16 year old boys are also very conniving. They will lie, steal and cheat to get what they want. They are willing to make their parents’ lives hell just so that they can get a bit more pleasure or get drunk one more time.
Some 16 year old boys drink and fuck off so much that their lives become nothing but a handful of stories from the past.

16 year old boy: I’m so fuckin wasted wooo lets get the party started!!!!

Parent (thinking to themselves): oh for fuck’s sake……
by Just Another Retarded Anon January 24, 2015
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