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A boy that is 15. By now, the male will be straight in the middle of his teenage years. It will be the toughest time of his life around here. Many weak faggots commit suicide because that life is too tough for them at this age. A lot of 15 year old boys have a bit of a troll in them. They naturally act like retarded faggots, and by now they finally have grown pubic hair. They will practice buttsecks with other boys of this age usually. They are even hornier and retarded than a 14 Year Old Boy! They will experiment with a lot of things at this age. From Alcoholic beverages, to cigarettes and even sex. Many of you mature audiences out there will probably want to smack the 15 year olds, but for some god damned reason, it is illegal..
15 Year old boys are generally 13 year old boys times four.
by rodneyalcala June 26, 2010
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