Just plain scary that so many people can define this and be able to actually understand. Maybe even go so far as to call it a language.
The 1337 people are fuxxin freaks!!!!
by Age January 23, 2005
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Elite. Originated among AOL users who believed that downloading an AOL-hack program made them 1337 h4xx0r d00dZ (elite hacker dudes), and that they were so cool they needed to talk in "code". This resulted in a "language" known variously as h4xX0r353, 13375p33k, 14M3r353, or simply 1337. It is characterized by mispelled words, random capitalization, excessive use of eclamation points, and, wherever possible, numbers in the place of letters. No genuine hacker would be caught dead typing in this manner, except possibly to mock the idiots who actually use it.
d00d 3y3 4m 50 1337!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
by Shinigami September 15, 2003
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anyone who actually calls themselves '1337' probably spends 1337 hours a year on their computer hacking people. well not actually hacking just using hacking programs on people.
by wellsey February 21, 2005
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1337 = l33t
l33t = leet
leet = eleet
eleet = elite
elite = ghey
Wow, that guy got pwned by noob, and he says he's 1337. lol.
by capmer February 18, 2005
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Known as leet or elite. Internet talk using improper grammar intentionally.
Lol j00 suxXorzz is an example of it meaning basically you suck
I am 1337 no one can stop me.
j00 k3n7 hand31 teh 1337 s34k!!!2111!!1!!!
by Lol i em teh hotness May 02, 2006
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Most people who use it are vaugely computor literate, however, most usually nerds. Its great to take the piss out of, although if you do you should watch out. This is because so real hackers, or true "1337s" use it. So if you start cussing off one guy for using 1337, you may get a trojan, and the next you know, some hackers using your comp to download kiddy porn.
1|= (_) (4|\| |¬34|) 7|-|15, (_) |\|33|) 70 937 14||) - this may or may not be true.
by jon April 05, 2005
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