1337 is basically the 1337 way of saying elite. One who is elite often speaks in 1337 to put across this message, though crappy players often use the to try and appear 1337 (elite).

Some common 1337 words:
1337- elite
pwn- own (kick the ass of)
h4xx0r- hacker
5uxxz0r- sucker
n00b- newbie, crappy person
STFU- shut the f*ck up
OMFG- oh my f*cking g*d
R0FL/\/\GD/\/\F40- rolling around floor laoughing my g*d damn mother f*cking ass off!
j00- you

Over 1337ing should be avoided at all costs. It looks untidy. And in an online game it is
a) hard to type without dieing
b) hard for team mates to read without dieing
OMFG pwn3d j00 du/\/\b h4xx0r n00b! j00 wi11 d13 @ 51o\/\/ p4infu11 d347h b17ch!
by Smo July 09, 2005
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code for "HELP ME I CANT GET LAID" used by computer geeks worldwide
"yo dude you are so 1337"
"shut up man your more 1337 than me"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
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A word derived from 'leet'. Simply meaning 'awesome' or 'the greatest'. This word was first used by hackers as a code. Soon after, a 'internet code' was created, using numbers as letters.
1 == L
3 == E
4 == A
5 == S
6 == G
7 == Y
8 == B
0 == O
This is a launguage used to sort of encrypt messages from hackers. It's first 'public' use was found in the Online Game Counter-Strike. All online games picked this up. Now, 1337 has changed. It now uses many ASCII Characters to make words now. Many forms of 1337 are out there. Now adays symbols could mean different things. It's a launguage constat;y being re-built.
411 '/0|_||2 8453 4|23 83|_0/\/6 70 |_|5 == Total 'new age' 1337 Conversion

I 4m 50 1337 7h47 I 5m311 1ik3 ch3353 == Orignal 1337 Conversion.

| |20x0|2 '/0|_||2 80x0|2'5! == I roxor your boxors. ( A casual taunt )
by Jessen June 30, 2003
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A way that 13 year old morons type in their blogs/livejournals/whatever while using other badly spelled words, limited punctuation and very few capital letters.
Apparantly, back in the dark ages it was used by hackers but right now it is only used by people with the IQ's of grapes to appear 'cool'.
1337 speak is for m0r0ns. w00t.
by Caraga. March 25, 2005
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A slang internet language mostly used by gamers to confuse other players. It is a series of numbers and symbols derived from the English language in a way that it looks similar to the letter it represents.

There are many different varieties of it from just a few numbers to "hardcore 1337" also known as 31337.
1. mango_tango263: 1 4|\/| 50 1337 |\|00|\|3 \/\/111 3\/312 |_||\||)312574|\||) |\/|3.

Hardcor3_1337: \/\/|-|47(|-||_| 741|<1|\| |30|_|7 \/\/11115?

2. 1F Y0U (4N R34D 7H15 Y0U B451C411Y UND3R574ND 17.
by Dragon_slayer1337 June 24, 2010
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