I think the top one is pretty good but could use a little adjustment.
So I give you the "easy for anyone to understand" version.

1 - Untappable ( The: I'd hit it if I were 30 shots deep..and unconscious..possibly dead too..preferably)
2 - Untappable (The: I'd never hit)
3 - Untappable (The: Maybe with a bag?... Nah. Never. uh uh can't.)
4 - Fucking Nerdy
5 - Average. Plain. (Men's stamp of approval but u won't get points with the homies.)
6 - More than 'just' plain. On the cute side I guess. (The: "My peen is rising" & +2 points with the homies.)
7 - Attractive (Not quite a babe yet. +3 points with the homies.)
8 - A Babe (+5 points with the homies.)
9 - Sexy (The: I can't hold my boner. +12 points with the homies.)
10 - Absolute perfection. Fire Hot. (Something kin to the kind of standard you'd find in a maxim magazine. +900 points with the homies.)
Bro: Dude, that one girl from home ec was totally checking me out. She's like a total 8.
Dude: The one with the overalls? Bro, she was a total 4. untappable bro..
Bro: Nah Dude the one nexxttt to her.
Dude: Ohhhh. Bro, shes a total babe.
1-10 Female attractiveness scale),
by fuken betchis November 26, 2016
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A rating on a women's attractiveness, based off of users preference
1-10 Female attractiveness scale),
1. hag 2. hideous 3. really ugly 4. ugly bitch 5. ugly 6. bitch 7. average 8. purdy 9. pretty 10. beautiful 11. Error 0. a man
by TheUltimateJaywalker October 4, 2016
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Why does urbandictionary want a definition for this?

Should be:
1-10 Female attractiveness scale

Or even better:
0-10 Female attractiveness scale
Can you define these popular missing words?

dense breast 1-10 Female attractiveness scale), wamables toking up yqy sterobrys cory lind ppap Ppap f*ckening

The breast was dense.
by Albert Instain October 19, 2016
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The scale that people rate women's personality by:

1-Evil, heartless soul with no regards for humanity
2-Very spirited woman
3-Criminal of a lady; probably a murderer
4-Low-key robber; probably robbed a bank
5-Outcast; people tend to stay away from her
6- Misunderstood weirdo
7-Decent human being
8-Better personality than her looks
9-Better personality than most people
10-Best personality that's ever lived
"Hey, that girl's robbing that gas station."
"On the 1-10 Female Attractiveness Scale), I'd give her a 4."
by Brenster26 December 2, 2016
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1: A simple scale men use to judge a woman's looks

2: An outdated (backwards) model that was replaced with the newer 10-1 scale directly relating to the suggested number of drinks one should imbibe prior to sex with a particular woman.


1: Goddess - Aphrodite herself incarnate (Typically subjective by a large margin) the single drink is merely a suggestion for preparing oneself to game such a creature.
2: Extremely Attractive - Two drinks should have you ready to spit some serious game.
3: Very Attractive - Three drinks should be your ideal mark for pulling one of these beauties.
4: Still Pretty Hot - After 4 drinks she's a supermodel and you can still drive home!
5: Above Average - Perfect wife material! 5 drinks a day keeps the divorce attorney away!
6: Average - Lube thoroughly before use.
7: Below Average - Its all fun until your friends find out.
8: Eight-Ball - Nothing good happens after 8 drinks...
9: Twilight Zone - You've entered the twilight zone. You better hope you can still escape upon sunrise!
10: Death March - Leaving with this woman is like going to your own funeral. 10 drinks deep and she still looks repulsive! we suggest something more potent, like Heroine or Quaaludes if you are gonna take this girl home.
Hey what number would you give Hillary Clinton on the 1-10 Female attractiveness scale),?

Whoa! Hillary is a CHICK??
by RKGCNC December 8, 2016
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1) a cunt who likes to destroy or hurt others to feel better about herself.
10) the coolest chick you can't stop hanging out with.

unfortunately ALL women are somewhere between this scale and virtually NONE are 10s.
1-10 Female attractiveness scale), 12th time I've written this....
Stay the @#$%^& away from that 1.
Have I told you how much fun and how many adventures that 10 and I have been on?
definition 1-10 Female attractiveness scale),
by whenw November 3, 2016
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Beauty rating 4 chicks. 10 is the best. Zero is insufficient information),
My quirky girlfriend asked me to define 1-10 Female attractiveness scale),

It's a beauty rating scale. She is a 2 at 10, and 10 at 2. She says the same thing about me!
by yes juanito yes October 3, 2016
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