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Obama bucks is a prime example of the gullibility and stupidity of minorities (primarily niggers) that have been duped by the Democratic party into believing they’re entitled to free money from the government to pay for their rent, cars, gas, beer, junk food, bling, drugs etc. This is an extension of the entitlement mindset that was propagated by race pimps like The Rectum Jesse Jackson and The Rectum Al Sharpton that allowed these media whores to lead niggers into believing that they are victims and are owed money because their ancestors were slaves. Fact is many niggers don’t even know who their fathers are. In 2008, the Obama campaign played on this ignorance and had campaign workers falsely spread these lies to get them off their asses to vote for him. These sub-human animals are still waiting for Obama’s promise of even more free money. The only people actually receiving Obama bucks are businesses and organizations that benefit him politically. Obama actually is doing what he can to gut the welfare reform legislation that was passed during the Clinton administration (under pressure by a Republican congress and for which Clinton took credit) to restore the handouts at the expense of honest, hardworking American citizens (referred to as redistribution of wealth).
Who are these parasites going to leach off of when the money runs out? Obama does not earn votes for his accomplishments; he earns votes by pandering to those who wish to not work for a living and sponge off society. Aren’t you glad that you have negroes like me to point this out? Yes, I really am a nigger.
0bama Bucks: Money taken from those who work for it and given to those who don't.
by Chichi Dalquist November 02, 2012
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