Anglo-Saxon Elitist. Someone who is from or is descended of Anglo-Saxon heritage and looks at everything in the world from the white point of view first if not always. For example, when watching the movie Avatar, if one cannot detect the Africanness of the Nav'i people on the planet Pandora, let alone the overt and striking similarity of the story line to that of many popular movies detailing culture clashes from the past (Pocahontas, Apocalypse Now, etc) then you're probably an ASE.
John couldn't see how much of an ASE he was being. The blues didn't come from England, and rock and roll was clearly NOT invented by white people. Rhythm and Blues music was picked up by the British Rock bands (The ROLLING STONES, Beatles, etc) who listened to Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf and other African American blues musicians and made the genre popular with the young generation of the late fifties and early sixties.

Saying Eminem is the greatest rapper ever can be seen in a certain light as a very ASE position to take: Especially if your choice for runner up is Vanilla Ice.
by CharlieLee27 January 18, 2012
a little jewish blonde headed boy, who is super smart, but quite annoying and will absolutely demolish you if you get on his bad side. also plays trumpet 👍
Guy 1: Hey did you hear that little twerp casey playing the trumpet ??
Guy 2: Um why he twerp

Guy 3: He was really good 😍
by toiletpaperloverxx June 1, 2020
another word to use for someone who has an std
man: “tori has an std
girl: “an ase?”
man: “yeah”
by bigdaddy225 April 8, 2020
When the Dunning-Kruger Effect is insufficient in describing the boundless depths of the sufferer's ineptitude.
Adam believes the Earth is flat and due to his raging case of the Asing Effect, he believes he can win any debate on the subject against field-leading astronomers. Don't be like Adam. It's ok to admit when you have no expertise or even knowledge of a subject.
by John Doe XXVI July 29, 2017
A phenomenon where bisexuals think everyone around them is also bi
"Idk, maybe I'm just bi-ased, but I'm pretty sure Adam is bi."
by cookiepantsmcgee August 23, 2018
What are u doing?
Person #1:Que ases?

by Lil Miss Swagga August 15, 2009
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence Certified Master Automotive Technician.

To attain such status a technician with at least 2 years experience must elect to take and pass a series of 8 written tests put on by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. To maintain such status the technician must also retake recertification tests which are shorter but tend to be more difficult every 5 years.
Take your car to Bob's Garage and have Tim look at it, he's an ASE CMAT.
by adtmatt May 27, 2010