the most meaningful part of literature. the period enhances sarcasm usually in texting or some form of messaging.
(over texting)
fag1: "hey!!"
fag2: "hey."
fag1: "wait! r u ok?"
fag2: "no."
by moshmallow January 15, 2010
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an emoticon used in a case of not caring about something you just said offending people, or showing that you don't know something
person 1: is that racist? oh well .


person 1: are you coming with us?
person 2: .
by stan exo December 21, 2017
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Similar to 'I-', where teenagers have nothing to say, except this time they express that by speaking Morse code
Person 1: 'Yo, what's up?'
Person 2: '.'
Person 1: 'What the fuck?'
by Anonynnous123 December 06, 2020
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