The soul purpose of eating a FWB vagina and leaving or resuming your day as normal.
Chelsea just gave me the best O, man I love a good Dine n' dash.
by BigMamaB August 05, 2018
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When you go out with someone just to get a meal and maybe some extras out of it.
Dine n' Smash: Last night I met this hottie named Rachel. Dang she was fine. I asked her out to dinner lookin for something serious out of it and she happily agreed (though her stomach growled right before she said yes but I'm sure it meant nothing) I took her out to eat at my favorite place, (generic fancy restraunt name that is only still open because the drinks alone are $10) so we eat and we're having a good time. I ask her back to my place and she says "ya okay" (keep in mind I reached for the check). We get back to my apartment and I get my keys out to open the door. The. Out of no where she becomes the flash and books it away and leaves my all alone with nothing but the clothes on my back, and my $3 to go box of $100 1 ounce steak.
by I swear I'm 18 Garcia September 04, 2017
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Dipin n Dabin is not just a movement it is tatic and even a way of life
I’m Dipin n Dabin on those fools
by DipnDaber March 09, 2018
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Dip n flip is where u put the dip on the bottom lip then flip it to the top
Yo I just did a dip n flip I’m so rocked rn
by Skinforenig February 07, 2018
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When you have anal and then it rips your shit out. It gives you anal fissures.
Oh shit, you just dip n ripped. Uh oh. -Brad
by alkdfjcvkne January 13, 2019
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A sexual act where the male dips his penis first into the vagina, and then tactfully slides it into her anus so as to casually transition from vaginal to anal sex. It generally causes great discomfort and so the transition is often short-lived, unless the girl happens to like it.
Bro 1: "Yo I gave Emily the Dip N' Slide, she reacted violently."

Bro 2: "Thats awesome, I tried it and Hillary loved the Dip N' Slide! But I'm not surprised her butthole could take it."
by The Sakmeister April 13, 2010
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January 10 Discord N-Word Day
It's a day that you can say the n word in everywhere you want and mods are not allowed to ban you
A:Wassup Niggers!
B:I'm gonna ban you
A:You can't because today is Discord N-Word Day!
by IjustEatass January 05, 2021
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