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Acronym for the phrase "tumble weed passes/ing/ed by". The asterisks are used to indicate the term between is actually happening. It is used exclusively online to convey the typist's boredom or mockery of the lack of activity in online contexts such as chat/game rooms and forums.
User1 posted 15/1/06: Hello does anybody talk here?
User2 posted 6/4/06: *twpb*
User1 posted 6/4/06: *cries from lonelines*
by Modo April 06, 2006
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For instance...a white man kills his whole family because he lost his job...TWPB. Another is a teacher molesting six kids in a 1st grade class...TWPB. Lastly, a white man locks someone up in a basement for 8 years...TWPB.
Man, dude killed six people with an axe...chop them up...then ate them while shooting heroin, snorting crystal and having sex with a horse....TWPB. *twpb* is diabolical stuff that no other race does on a mass scale, but what whites do every single day.
by iambnasty November 02, 2017
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