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the act of one outrageously secure and gratifying character who feeds on the innocent and morally distressed accounts of others emotions. This player may be allowed the satisfaction of calling their victory over the young blossoming hearts of the youth. This even can cause dizziness, fatigue, vomiting and an unquenchable desire to thrust oneself at the character committing this lawful act. This bustle of emotions is usually directed at and used by a person whose overall appearance is beyond the average thus eventually reinforcing the harmonic hormone drive that fuels young teenagers of the 21st century. This word may also be used in several chats and online connections but it will consequently be abbreviated to *playa*.
A: "Wow, did you just see that?"
B: "Yeah, that boy just fell to his knees and started praising Lydia..."
A:"I guess Lydia had a *playa moment*"
B: "Should we be surprised?"

A: if I could put you next to me I would put you ontop of me. *playa*
A: Let me get that for you. No I didn't mean to touch your boobs why would I do that har har *playa*
by Didya Soup from Clan Lunch April 10, 2013
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