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Commonly used on forums, *dies* indicates the act of dying in a virtual environment. Note: Whoever said it isn't really dead. I'm a cunt
The Reverand: *dies*
by The Reverand May 26, 2004
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To die in a comical manner.

Most appropriate in internet forums, *dies* is a perfect example of an evolution in human vocabulary. When somebody *dies* it can have meanings on several levels yet always funny unless true.
Karlprof "Does my middle finger smell of cheese?"

Mario *dies*
by SillySprout January 06, 2004
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occurs when your heartbeat instantly shoots straight to the roof the moment you stand in front of people, generally ten to probably a thousand people watching you.
Person 1 stands in front of an audience
Audience: "You okay?"
Person 1: *dies*
by dorsaldeer2004 June 02, 2018
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