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This is usually used when you or someone that is with you enters a discussion which involves bands that have sold out or are now shit and someone "discretely" names Metallica with this 'so awesome no-one-will-ever-find-out-what-I-just-said' term. And you NEVER use it just for another way to (maybe discretely) say Metallica because this term is in a way an insult to this previously-good-but-now-shithouse band. Also in some places you could be beaten and raped by people within a 15-metre radius in some places for doing this, but since it's not allowed it's better to get beaten and raped by people within 15 metres than raped by people within your city/town limits.
Person 1: Hey did you go see In Flames back in 2002?
Person 2: Yeah but I was expecting them to play some stuff off Clayman but they started playing some teasers for Reroute to Remain which I hated.
Person 1: God that sucks.
Person 2: Yeah I know. They're fags.
Person 1: Sell outs need to be killed.
Person 2: *cough* Metallica *cough*

Metallica newbie goes up to another person
Metallica newbie: Hey, do you know who made that Kill Em All album
Overall newbie: *cough* Metallica *cough*
Metallica newb: I'm not stupid you know
Newb: Oh shit
*Metallica newb rapes the newb*
by *cough*you live in a box*cough February 28, 2009
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