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Šime Vrsaljko is a Croatian footballer,curently plays for Atletico but is transfering to Inter.

Has a silver medal on World Cup Russia 2018.

Vrsaljko is born on January 10th 1992
He is married to Matea Vrsaljko (2017) and he is a father to Bruno Vrsaljko,his son that was born around time WC 2018 started. Šime Vrsaljko is from Zadar in Croatia (i mean duh). He is also the cutest little gum ball that exists on this planet. His mega partner in crime is also a Croatian footballer, Dejan Lovren.
Also an extremly hilarious person, humour level 11/10. I could go on for days but its almost 1am where i live right now so :)
person 1 : yooo who is that player wearing #2 jersey?
person 2 : oh that Šime Vrsaljko. watta lad.
by Kyliej.king July 28, 2018
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