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Swedish for "Son of the Year", an award given annually to the boy, who in his closest friends eyes, has been the biggest disappointment to his father.

A reckless, self-centered, spoiled, non decisive parasite, void of any form of ability to take action or claim responsibility for ones own mistakes, would probably have a good run for the crown.
A son who steals his dad's car, get's drunk and smashes it. Get's pinched for it, and has to have dad bail him out - would win many points in "Årets Son".

Another kid can for example be responsible for watering the plants at his Aunts house when they are away on holiday, only to invite 10 of his most ill-behaved buddies and have a 3 week orgy of alcohol, weed, cocaine and women in the family's house, including the bed of the aunt. This would be another fine example of a winning strategy in becoming "Årets Son".
by TorstenssonsGatan 11 October 23, 2009
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