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Showing skepticism when someone tells you something; "hmmm"
Chelsea: I'm not lying.
Diego: hmmm... "¬ ¬" i dont trust you.
by Diego Soler September 18, 2006
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1. A pair of shifty eyes.
2. Guns for kirby
1. *Agrees* ¬¬

2. ¬<(' '¬<)
by Rumours_R_Us_241 September 16, 2004
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General Forumism:

To indicate the usage of subtle sarcasm, showing that the preceeding sentance(s) should be taken lightly or jokingly.

Often preceeded by "Chandlerisms" or "DrCoxes" to emphasise the sarcastic tone.
"Could this news BE any older ¬¬"


"Oh rheally. becauwse i thought you were... infact... telling... the truth ¬¬"
by JimmyPage March 04, 2006
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Kind of like rolling your eyes.

Maybe a sigh too.

Sometimes it's kinda like a "humpf".

But in a light, friendly manner.
"let's go out?"
'ahh sorry dude, i'm really busy!"
"4x4 rubik's cube still?"
"hehehe yeah"
by xansh October 15, 2009
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1) When you don't give a damn about that specific talk.

2) When you don't believe anything about something.

Dave: Hey i can rope pretty good in AF1
Wind: ¬¬
Dave: No, really!
by Luis Martinez November 01, 2006
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It means that it's typical for someone to do or say something.
Adam: YO YO YO! I love anime!
John: ¬¬
Adam: I DO!
by John November 23, 2003
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An emoticon used to express slyness or sarcasm, showing a pretty serious face.

This emoticon is mostly used by Latin American Internet users, since the ¬ symbol is easily typed by pressing right alt (in the Spanish keyboard Alt Gr, which is like pressing Alt+Ctrl at the same time) and 6 in the Spanish keyboard.

The alt code for ¬ is Alt+170.
me: I'm bored. Wanna rent a movie?
gf: Yeah, that'd be nice.
me: What do you wanna watch?
gf: I heard Eclipse is out on DVD today.
me: ¬¬
by Silver Six June 16, 2011
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