A hand sign that is supposed to look like devil horns, and a generic symbol that means a combination of "heavy metal" and "good". Very similar to word-I-/word
Bob: I just got the new Judas Priest album!
Joe: \m/
by Omniverse March 28, 2003
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A symbol metalheads use online for their approval of something, which doesn't even have to be music or metal related. It is meant to mimic the "horns," in which one makes a fist and sticks out their pinky and index finger. The horns have been adopted by many non-metalheads in recent years, making it a mainstream symbol.
post 1: Nice Slayer shirt, I saw them back in 1995. Fuckin great show!
post 2: \m/
by Rosobola July 23, 2016
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Representation of the 'sign of horns' gesture commonly seen in rock and metal circles.
Usually indicates a metalhead's approval of a song or band.
Saw Gojira live yesterday. Brutal as fuck!! \m/ \m/
by Niggurath July 03, 2017
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a textual representation of the "SWEET" sign, more commonly known as the rock on sign, and most often used in a sarcastic mocking manner.
by youmustbetheman April 05, 2011
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instant message with fuckmyassholehard:
and jesuslovesthelittlechildren:

fuckmyassholehard: just got back from gangbangin a ton of little boys...

jesuslovesthelittlechildren: \m/
by thisissonotfunny September 02, 2009
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