noun: What the devil shat from his ass, rolled up into a ball, pissed on, and gave to high school classes so that we could be tortured by the devil's spawn "french teachers"
Im going to french class to get fucked in the ass.
by ihatefrenchclass April 24, 2011
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-loving your teacher
-looking up cuss words

-the only class you care about
-do you have a pencil?
-the teacher saying French words really fast to confuse you (especially during reciting words)

-messing up and calling your teacher Ms./Mrs. instead of Mme.

-Is this the real life? Or do I just love French?
*teacher says a bunch of crap*
You- ah French Class...
by French10101 February 14, 2014
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a class that you play video games in, usually lasts about 60 minutes, with teacher desperately trying to keep the students on-task. It is usually caused by supply teachers or other phenomenom like that.

(does not include high school french class, as I have not experienced how it is like yet)
1: "ugh that class that we just had was such a french class, the new teacher didn't even know the rules!"
2: "Yeah, I was playing video games and watching youtubethe almost the whole time!"
1: "can you at least pretend that you are working? such a disgrace."
2: "Hey, I wrote 1.5 words!"
2:"I love french class"
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by craisins.inc June 15, 2018
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