Usually from Southern California, drive high priced sand rails, make fun of other people's hobbies.
These douchebag's were just making fun of my tricked out Ricer with Louis Vuitton seat covers.....
by chase1424 May 09, 2017
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Being unable to take a joke, telling or ratting on someone else because you are a tool
Alfie is over reacting, man he sure is a douche bag
by your such a douche July 01, 2011
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A word meaning a bag of penises used to define someone who isn't acting accordingly to the social behavioural pattern.
My algebra teacher is a giant douchebag.
by Most19fuckeraround July 10, 2016
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Guy that buys expensive cloths and fixes his hair every five seconds instead of getting a haircut. Is a fuckboy basically.
Damn that guy he is a douche bag girls only like him because of his money.
by hASULFKDJS:ghxf September 18, 2018
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Talks really loud, laughs, and yawns way to loud. Often finds their own jokes funnier then they really are. Has a lot of blonde moments and isn't very skilled in socializing with others.
Someone with the name Jessica is a huge douche bag
by annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd November 21, 2014
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