An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.
Your boss is a real douchebag!
by Burrito Brad June 28, 2006
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|a| - someone who;; talks shit, starts shit, wont finish their shit, &&and the end of the day still thinks they own the universe.

closely related to;; asshole
"god, he walks around and acts like hes the best thing in the world when really no one likes him. what a douche bag."
by twin. July 24, 2005
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Douche Bag
1. An object used for vaginal hygeine.
2. A person that is a total moron and doesn't think before he/she speaks or acts.
3. One with an undescribeable idiocy, hence stupidity, poor idea of what's cool, possibly an arrogance about them.
4. One with an intolerable personality.
5. Personified by a Troll named Eniquity, that constantly trolls Darkpear forums, random smack talking emo n00b, filled with a false sense of self worth
Dude don't be like Eniquity, you emo douche bag.
by Anirowned December 16, 2005
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the scientific name for schmucks who roll up in public wearing wife-beaters or oversized jeans. Can also be found wearing sunglasses in nightclubs and/or sun-visors on backwards and upside down. These people should be drug outside and shot in the stomach, then used as speed bumps to prevent any neon-toting lowrider crap-mobiles from infesting the neighborhood and lowering property values.
Man oh man, a crowd of complete loser douchebags just rolled into the club and not sirprisingly, all the women rolled out the other side and left. Now it's a giant sausage fesitval and we are all screwed. Guess I'll go write a rap song.
by Bling Bling WBF August 04, 2003
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Individual, or individuals who piss you off on good days, and piss you off even more on bad days.
those assholes can pound sand for all I care cheapskates
by anonymous April 03, 2005
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The term "douchbag" generally refers to a male with any number of characteristics not associated with one particular region or age demographic. Douchebag is a combination of attitude qualities, social ability, and attire.

In terms of geography douchebags can be found nearly anywhere. For instance, douchebags can be seen in New Jersey where fake diamond earrings, frosted spiked hair, Razor phones, half a can of Axe, unbuttoned collared shirts, Fossil watches, overly groomed chinstraps, backwards colored Yankee hats with the sticker still attached and 2002 Mustangs are considered "tight." At the same time douchebags are also plentiful in the Southwest where on any given Wednesday night on frat row in Tempe you can find males who find it "sweet shit" to wear pink collared shirts, while donning the following attire: pukka-shelled necklaces, fake skater shoes, have some variation of an Asian symbol tattoo on their shoulder or back, wear a Hurley hat that sits cockeyed on their head, throw various fake gang signs during pictures and drive their dad's old white 1997 convertible M3 BMW. They also generally find the length of time one drinks while doing a "keg-stand" directly correlates with the amount of pussy one can get.

As mentioned douchebags transcend not only various geographical locations, but age demographics as well. For instance, douchebags are quite often seen just south of Sarasota, FL as evidenced by 45 year old men who still wear Oakley's, shave their chests, wear shirts that read "ride" on the front and "me" on the back, and think its cool to wear white K-Swiss'. They are usually on first name basis with the girls at Hooters, and think white T-shirt contests with 1/2 half-off Margaritas are better than a baseball game with $1 beers. At the same time, we can see young 21 year old douchebags in West L.A. who still think that Dolce Gabana belt buckles, and fo-hawks are "pimp shit."

In terms of behavior douchebags have an over-inflated sense of self worth, lack the social ability to interact with non-douchebags, and have tricked their minds into thinking that they "get mad pussy." The irony is that they very rarely get pussy, but amazingly have the amazing propensity to talk quite often about allegedly getting it.

Example 1:

Person One: Yo--did you see that guy wearing the Abercrombie hat and leather jacket park his crotch rocket right in front of the bar, and rev his engine for 15 seconds?

Person Two: You mean the guy who ordered 25 "Jag-bombs"? Yea, that guy was a fucking douchebag

Real life doucebags: Keven Federline, Nick Lachey, any dude on The Hills, most of New Jersey,
by Matthew Hiler April 07, 2008
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("DB") Someone who goes around acting as if they know everything, when in reality, they don't know anything. A bullshit artist that fakes their way through life by sucking up to anyone who the DB believes can advance them socially or economically. As the DB is extremely annoying to anyone around him, he has no real friends.

Has several catch phrases that get him through life so that he can avoid having to come up with any original thoughts. This includes "really???" as a response to most any comment, as to indicate interest in the subject when in reality, the DB does not understand or care to any degree. Another favorite is "oh, piss", as a response to a mistake made by the DB due to incompetency. Another favorite is "fair enough", as a response to anything the DB does not understand, but does not wish to admit not understanding and thus the delivery of this vague phrase in an effort to confuse the other party and hope the subject is changed.

Typically, they'll have nasty curly hair (with lots of gel added), a big goofy smile, and walk around all pompous-like. Often can be seen wearing bright colored shirts, gay shoes, vests, capri pants, and on certain occasions, a NICE suit. Has long, girlish fingernails with which he taps on tabletops in an annoying fashion.

The DB is quick to dodge blame for failures and inadequacies and make up excuses on the spot. When possible, they will blame coworkers for mistakes, and will push off work on others by citing the fact that they are "very busy" that week.

Extreme cases warrant special preceding titles, including "Captain" or "Chief" douchebag, among others.
CDB: "I think this product was good and fun. The firm's managers were nice guys with NICE suits."

Everyone else: "Uh, no it's terrible and is probably doomed to failure. Anyone recommending it would have to be an idiot."

CDB: "Really?!?!?!"

Everyone else: "Uhhh, yeah really. It's no good"

CDB: "Fair enough."

Everyone else: "Yeah and the questions you asked during the meeting made no sense and made you sound retarded."

CDB: "No worries."

Everyone else: "We're not worried about anything. Except that we all think you're a total douchebag."

CDB: "Interesting."
by Big Jeorge February 16, 2009
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