male ejaculation, the afterproduct of a sex act
Can I get a side of baby gravy with my manmeat?
by Charmeuse May 16, 2008
The condom broke during intercourse so all of timmys baby gravy leaked out.
by yhml9m January 1, 2015
I ejaculated a quart and a half of baby gravy within the confines of her love canal.
by weave April 3, 2003
When a man cums, he spews "baby gravy" either in a pussy, an ass, a condom, or on a girl's face and or other body part.
Yeah that feels soooo good, please fuck me till I have your baby gravy all over and in my pussy so I can play in a creampie till I cum.
by Noresun2noAmy2 March 31, 2022
Semen, baby gravy consists of large amount of passion and vitamin E
Yo bitch, im gonna load you with ma' baby gravy
by Evanzles June 19, 2006