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The epitomy of homosexuality, bad singing voices, and great hair. Unfortunately for them, most of the gay male faction does not like to go for such pansy fellows such as the Jonas Brothers.
Gee, you listen to the Jonas Brothers? You must be gay, just like they are. That's simply super-duper.
by Chancellor of the Universe January 07, 2009
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The infection of the ear when you listen to much rap/pop, which may include the side effects of: brain damage, ear loss, gangrene, ninjas in your blanket at night, testicle loss, testicle growth, unattractiveness, and uncontrollable bladder.
Mike: Hey Rick, watcha listenin' to?

Rick: Hannah Montana.

Mike: Holy crap, you're gonna get Jonas Brothers.

Rick: Whatever.

The Next Day

Rick: Mike, holy crap! My testicle just fell off last night!

Mike: Told you that you would get it.
by mynameistotallynotmattsoitsnot February 15, 2012
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Another sad band from Disney Channel. Many pre-teens are in love with them, because they for some awful reason think they're "hot". Many teens as well, but mostly just the girls who are lonely and desperate.. And kinda fat.
Random pre-teen: *Squeak!* "JB! Jonas Brothers! Ohmagawd, their coming to Flori-duh!"
by French Fried Potato August 07, 2010
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A Word that when you type in "Jonas Brother" in Urban Dictionary, you get a bunch of hate comments saying they are shitty. But if you search Joe Jonas you get a bunch of girly positive comments for some reason.
1. Joe Jonas 1124 up, 513 down

a member of the best band ever- Jonas Brothers

very manly, beautiful, funny, plays the tambourine
brother of Kevin, Frankie and Nick Jonas

1. Jonas Brothers 3883 up, 1774 down

A shitty, pop, rock band that makes it harder to apperecite good music today.
by Jonas?? August 02, 2009
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Three brothers that do each other before every concert, and that is why girls love them so much.
Sarah loved the Jonas Brothers so much because they do each other β™₯.β™₯
by I'm Blah October 14, 2009
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Fag Bags, also known as the "Ho Bros"
guy 1: wow look at them fag bags...

guy 2: yeha there a bunch of ho bros

guy 3: fucking Jonas Brothers, they should suck my cock

guy 2+1: theyve probobly been there and done that
by Fahh-Q July 06, 2010
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