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Short for Isla Vista baby, Isla Vista being an area surrounding the University of California Santa Barbara and heavily populated with students.

1. The protuding belly of a woman developed due to excess consumption of alcohol, usually cheap beer like Natty Ice or Keystone. Must be reasonably firm and not the result of excess eating (i.e. Freebirds burritos)

2. An illegitimate child conceived during unprotected sex that occurred while drunk in Isla Vista. Term is usually applied while the fetus is still in gestation.
1. Brah: Dude, did you hook up with that hottie last night?
Dude: Of course, Brah, did a little dp on DP (del playa). It was siiick!!! But you were right. Once her shirt came off she def had an IV baby.

2. Brah: Well, I hope you took the backdoor. I don't want her carrying YOUR IV baby.
by No! You're a Dic-tionary October 26, 2010
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