Used to express not giving a fuck, but when not giving a fuck doesn't go far enough. A bakers fuck has an inverse relationship to a bakers dozen. Where a bakers dozen includes one extra, a bakers fuck includes one less. Hence, not giving a bakers fuck is giving even less fucks than usual.

The delivery is very important. You must always have a slight pause after the bakers and heavily emphasize the fuck.
Steve: Dude, this new vegan protein shake really hit the spot.

Zach: I don't give a bakers fuck about your vegan protein.
by zackgee March 23, 2016
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Not a single floating fuck was given.
Bitches: OMG... I just uploaded the pic of my lunch on instagram so everyone knows what im eating.
ME: I don't give a flying fuck. Either should everyone else.
by chiet December 11, 2013
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Not giving a fuck, especially that of rats. Not the even lowest fucks were given. You really do not give a fuck.
Did you hear about their break up??
No I don't give a rats fuck.
by Ratman6969 February 28, 2013
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To care so little about something that one half of the standard fuck will suffice. Used when you want to make clear that you truely could care less.
Mary: "Do you want to go have sushi or steak?"
Joe: "Whatever, I don't care".
Mary: "Or should we go to Benihana?"
Joe: "I don't give half a fuck! Let's just eat!"
by Jumpingrat July 02, 2006
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Another way of saying "I don't give a fuck", but with a little religion. People say this when other people say things to 'brag" or are annoying you by provoking you. This term will shut their asses down. Even if it doesn't, the other person will still back off for a little bit. Sometimes they will bite back at you saying you're jealous. At this point, you should tell them to suck a dick and fuck off in a garbage can. This also makes the other person more catholic.
Little Kid on Roblox: I got so much robux lol
Me: I don't give a holy fuck
Little Kid on Roblox: You jealous.
Me: Fuck off to a dumpster youngster

Little Kid on Roblox: I believe in god.
by TheGayAccount June 27, 2018
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