Scarsdale -esque but less well known

2. Everyone thinks they're greater than everyone else
Just stop doing that! People would never do that where I'm from, Scarsdale.
by Chappy May 03, 2004
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a suck ass town that i happen to live in

extremely jappy and thinks they're the shit

filled with wiggers
"wow that girl think she black or some shit yo, she need a skin check" (wow ur white too)
by kailey January 24, 2005
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midddle to upper middle class suburb with rural overtones. It has a farm called muscoot. Located 32.4 miles from Grand Central, one has to endure a 53 minute train ride to access the city. The local highschool's academic ratings have fallen every year according to newsweek. 23rd best 2003, 42nd 2004,and now 62nd for 2005. vannessa l. williams and the clintions live here, which seems to make residents feel better about themselves. neighboring towns like bedford, greenwich, and mount kisco also have famous residents.
i dont have an example. i have to use the chappaqua for the computer to let me post this definition. chappaqua.
by chappaqua resident2 September 26, 2006
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1. the town where if you dont fit in, you get your ass out
2. commonly known as jappaqua
3. our parents know we party, and thats okay because they were just like us when they were kids
4. everyone has tutors and if you get below a 3.5, your parents assume you need to be put into special needs
5. almost anyone can get a doctor's note saying they get extra time in school to enhance their chances of getting into their top choice of a ivy school
we're all rich because we live in chappaqua! WOOOOOOOOOHOOO
by 1234chappaqua February 24, 2011
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A hamlet in northern Westchester County, New York, replete, unfortunately, with illiterate antisemitic ingrates. A quiet, low-crime, high achievement enclave a short train ride away from any excitement, bustle, or, if you prefer, depravity.
I failed my preschool SAT's and can't get into private school, with its $30,000 per year per child tuition, and my low I.Q. put Stuyvesant out of reach, so my family had to move to Chappaqua.
by Chappaquack July 20, 2009
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