Used in MOBAS

It's what passive-aggressive cunts say when they think they're good at the game in an attempt to tilt their enemies. Often used after the subject escapes imminent death
Cunt is getting destroyed in lane, so he decides to get his ally jungler to gank him, Cunt initiates the battle and when he is about to die he then flashes away, then ally jungler comes in and secures the kill on the laner.

Cunt in all chat: ?
Enemy Laner: Don't question mark me, you can't even 1v1 me and you flashed away little bitch.
by Nemo Outis August 15, 2017
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not knowing the answer to a question you were asked
mom:are you going to the mall tomorrow

dad: ?

*indicating that he/she does not know
by she/they October 23, 2020
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? is the thing you feel when your a girl you like talks to you for the first time. shes asking you to the dance yet you dont have a clue what there saying. man are girls confusing
girl you like: would you go to the dance with me
by hyrule gamer January 11, 2019
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