Heart, ballsack, fine, but clearly reminiscent of boobs and vulva.
An oversexed girl will include the <3 symbol in her messenger nickname.
by flabandpudge June 30, 2006
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1. a visual depiction of a penis
2. a visual depiction of a heart
3. to love
4. to hump
by gogg April 25, 2003
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A heart symbol. Oftentimes used with an object within it, such as <icecream3, meaning that the person loves ice cream. Alternative use: <3 icecream, icecream <3
by Trafton August 02, 2003
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This has many meanings.
Some common ones are Less than three <3, a sideways heart <3 (normally meaning love), and a face <3.
The < is the eyes/eyebrows, in a.. well, happy position. Kinda. And the mouth, 3, is like an animal mouth. Kinda.
Such as :3, =3, ;3, and so on.
But basically, whether a heart or a happy face, the meaning usually comes out as love or happiness.
Ad more threes and exclamation marks to show that the emotion is more.
I <3 Kitties.
omgz! <333!! Thankyooo!
Less than three <3 and more than one >1
by mii November 01, 2004
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Used most effectively when someone pissed you off. Can slip it into a sentence and say what you really mean, while seeming quite innocent and nice.

The pointy bit is a hat, the squiggly bit is an ass.

Ass + hat.

You're calling someone an asshat.
Love you! <3

Translation: Love you! (asshat).
by kallisti discordia April 13, 2016
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