A face that small beans use to express their feelings. very shallow.
hi mochi/lives in japan/loves cookies how are you?
Mochi: ;-;
by <minty> November 13, 2020
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States Fear, Nervousness or Anxiety. Sometimes its states the feeling cringe or cringey
Person 1 (Robber): I'll steal your money and kill you
Person 2 (You): ;-;
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by ;-;plsdontkillme;-; January 22, 2021
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This is a sign of someone crying when you can't be asked to find it on the emojis
'Ugh' Tommy says 'I can't be asked to find this emoji.. I'll just put ;-;'
by Banana bot June 03, 2020
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;-; is Katara's expression it is easy to spot. It is designed on discord and is used occasionally. The expression looks like this; ; - ;. Its significance depends on the situation. It becomes fora; used when the person is disappointed, bored, touched and speechless it is also used to annoy others with it.

no kidding ;-;

ouch that hurts ;-;

no ;-;
by Katara~ April 01, 2021
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An emotion that represents a crying face. It is usually an emotion that represents a face with the ";" meaning the tears, and " -" meaning the mouth that is straight and sad. May have other feelings such as tears of joy, pleading, sadness, and the act of tearing. It is used mostly on video games, chat rooms, messages, etc. It is mostly used by anime characters, and girls and boys. There are a lot of meanings and styles of what the emoticon looks like and how it is used in gaming. There is much meaning of the emotion; sometimes the emoticon can be used in different mouths and different kaomoji style of it. It is a Japanese emotiocn.
For example

Person: I don't feel so good ;-;
Person 1: I love you all so much and I will always be your friend and be together ;-;
Person 2: This anime figure is so cute ;-;
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by TheBoldOFGamerGirl December 22, 2020
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Mostly used as a equation by people who are sad and depressed and watch a lot of anime and other cartoons.

They use ;-; to express their emotions in different ways, to let you know that they are depressed, sad or they are very very *VERY* disappointed in something; (a lie, something dirty or disturbing) you mentioned.

The ;-; was first discovered on a Discord-server with Avatar: The Last Airbender-fans, and was mostly used by one girl called ā€˜Maritā€™. More people eventually saw the use in it, and at this point it has now become a phenomenon.
Azula: Iā€™m a 400ft tall purple platypusbear with pink horns and silver wings.
Everyone else: ;-;
by Brskywalker14 April 11, 2021
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