the most annoying keyboard face thing e v e r
person a: hey i need someone to talk to I'm not okay right now
person b: ;-;
person a: i-
by im swag lol (they/he?????) January 04, 2021
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What is often used on myspace instead of just using one semi-colon. Usually subsitutes for a colon or just anywhere in a myspace screen name. Preps and emos use it.
emo-girl loves;; hawthorn heights, from first to last && afi;;
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
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An emotion of crying of sadness, or joy.
A. 'I am quitting this game, I hate it!'
B. 'NOOOO!! ;-;'
by The Woozy March 31, 2018
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;-; is a really fucking useless, annoying, and irritating emoticon that is used by 12 year old fucktards constantly.
Normal person: So how's your day?
Idiot: It was pretty bad ;-;
Normal person: Shut the fuck up.
by 9werfihviuafvgaiugbq4329wp8gfw October 06, 2017
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a man doing the french hand thing.

this mostly used to show disappointment
person: i think i like the new star war trilogy

person2: ;-;
by human number 284 June 30, 2020
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