(Pronounced "double-semicolon")
Superior to the normal semicolon. It started off as a code word for when the teacher is coming and you are not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Later on, it also became another word for teacher. The term is most commonly used in coding classes but can be used in any situation.
Example 1:
Kid 1: Hey guys! ;;!
Class: (Stops playing games and pretends to do their work)

Example 2:
Kid 1: Hey, ;;. This code won't work.
Teacher: You forgot the semicolon.
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by The Evil Doctor Egg McMuffin November 07, 2018
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Abreviated version of ;_;
I lost my job and now I am crying. ;;
by James August 22, 2004
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These could be representing a sweat drop (or two), which are commonly found on the faces of many anime characters. It's generally used when the conversation is awkward or embarrassing.
Bryce: Have you read that book I borrowed you yet?
Selena: No. I haven't had time to...
Bryce: Oh.
Selena: Yeah... ;;

Crystal: There's this test I'm supposed to take today, and I haven't studied at all. I am so fucked. ;;
Terra: You could always cheat?
by Masked Banana December 31, 2009
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An emoticon that not that many people know about that could be practically anything. It could be an owl, a vampire, an asian guy with a could mustache. No one knows what it means people just use it. It's practically the 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' of emoticons.
I just woke up from a nap ;-; .
Getting ready to do laundry ;-;
by Thuglyfe-Eskimo. June 28, 2012
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To wish or feel embarrassment and maybe scared, and or jealousy. Sometimes associated with furries
I wish i had that too ;-;
by shinyr October 21, 2019
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